The simplicity of high thermal performance
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The simplicity of the concept allows to contruct fast. Implemented according to the principle of the wooden roof framing, the structure does not require adjustment a posteriori and can be delivered watertight in a week and airtight in a month.


Thanks to the speed of the implementation and the use of a loose, little industrialized and therefore more economical insulation material, the production costs are under control and the price of a house with high thermal performance becomes affordable.


A stable and durable building is primarily a structure that is designed to cope with the most diverse climatic conditions. Good dimensional stability of the used material is a guarantee of sustainability.

The concept based on a simple idea. Rather than considering the insulation as a simple filling materal, the concept offers a structure which is built to insulate in an optimal way / that can express its qualities optimally. 

State of Art Concept

This construction system allows to implement thermal bridging free wooden structure which ensures the maximum thermal insulation efficiency.

High Thermal Performance 

The energy performance of this construction system is validated by an engineering office as passive house standard.

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A propos du concept 

Le système constructif Lo-Cal House permet de mettre en œuvre une structure en bois exempte de ponts thermiques, garantissant ainsi une efficacité maximale de l'isolation thermique.

Haute performance thermique 

Les performances énergétiques du système constructif, validées par un bureau d'étude, sont au standard du passif.

© 2017  Lo-cal House  -  Mentions légales

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