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The construction system produces buildings with high thermal performance with convenient costs.


The simplicity and speed of the technical process and the ability to implement large thicknesses of any type of bulk insulation material can significantly reduce the production costs. The insulation budget which tends to grow with the regulations (current RT2012 and RT2020 to come) is here mastered thanks to the performance that the model allows.


Energy needs are significantly reduced thanks to effective and efficient insulation. Recall that the model allows to build passive houses. On the basis of 100 m², the heating needs must not exceed 220 euros per year *.


The construction model achieves a 12-hour phase shift, guaranteeing summer comfort without the need for an air conditioning system.




























The partial realization is a "watertight and airtight" house: It includes the implementation of the structure, exterior joinery, sealing and insulation. We also offer the implementation of the internal frame and external finishes. Depending on the options selected and the architectural form envisaged, the price may vary between 900 and 1200 euros per square meter of living space (all taxes included) (excluding earthwork and masonry).














Your house has couple of more steps to complete before being habitable. Plumbing, heating, electricity, ventilation and the interior finishes of the floors, walls and ceiling are the last stage of the project. These assignments can be delegated to professionals of your choice who has warranty or you can choose to complete yourself.

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State of Art Concept

This construction system allows to implement thermal bridging free wooden structure which ensures the maximum thermal insulation efficiency.

High Thermal Performance 

The energy performance of this construction system is validated by an engineering office as passive house standard.

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